As the Waters Cover the Sea

by Umpfel

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Terence J. Miles
Terence J. Miles thumbnail
Terence J. Miles Jaw dropping musicianship and creativity. Enough tonality to draw you in combined with enough adventure to transport you beyond. Favorite track: As the Waters Cover the Sea.
Deej thumbnail
Deej Pure fusion joy with an edge that I just keep coming back to. Wonderful. Favorite track: Burning Water.
John Woodward
John Woodward thumbnail
John Woodward Amazing album! Versatile, adventurous and beautiful. It's hard to beat this one in the best of 2019 lists. Prog, prog-metal, prog-jazz? Who cares as long as it is this good! Favorite track: Rosetta.
Alan Benjamin
Alan Benjamin thumbnail
Alan Benjamin A truly captivating album from beginning to end. This is one of the most inspired and interesting releases I've heard in a very long time--and one that I already know will be a strong contender for my favorite album of the year. Congratulations, guys, and keep up the amazing work! Favorite track: Tree.
Soichiro Mizuno (Sebon)
Soichiro Mizuno (Sebon) thumbnail
Soichiro Mizuno (Sebon) Excessively impressive and inspiring album full of drama. You may feel elegance and aggressiveness at the same time or alternately with many non-diatonic chord/note progression of alien. Also, I cannot talk about the songs without their guitars. The best energizer of 2019 anyway. Favorite track: Peddler of Words.
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released April 12, 2019

Andreas S. Sjøen - Vocals, Drums, Keys, Programming, Bass & Rhythm Guitars (track 7)
Anund Vikiingstad - Guitars, Bass (track 5), Shofar on track 4
Håkon Sakseide - Bass guitar (All songs except track 5 & 7)
Emma Sanson - Cello on track 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 & 11)
Ingvild Sæther - Violin on track 1, 3, 6, 8 & 11
Morten Georg Gismervik - Guitar solo on track 5
Jakub Zytecki - Guitar solo on track 6
Tymon Kruidenier - Guitar solo on track 9
Eirik Ask - Soundscape on track 10 (3:25-5:10)
Ole Børud - Guitar solo on track 11

Produced, engineered and recorded by Umpfel
Mixed by Johannes Groth at South River Recordings, Froland
Mastered by Rudolf Fredly at Sweetspot Studio, Karmøy
Album design by Eivind Horne

We would like to thank Cultiva Express, Sørbok & Frifond for financial support.


all rights reserved



Umpfel Norway

Progressive metal band from Norway.

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Track Name: Burning Water
Time to leave
Fly as fast as you can
Darkness flee

Soon there’s nowhere to hide

Do not wait

Heaven’s soldiers arrive
Leave this place

Trembling strongholds of lies

Furious waves of

Fire flowing through the soul
Raging on as the

Truth confines the foe

Flowing from the deepest well
Burning water

Thirst for Your consuming fire
Now awake in us

Valleys, be raised up

Mountains sink into the ground
Everything hindering your will be gone
In the name of Christ
Track Name: Sphere of War
Wake up to the sphere of war
A new domain

Of spiritual wickedness
Armies in line

Put on
an armor filled with power
and shields of faith
Stop breathing through your indifference
Break the norm

There is a song of wisdom
Resounding on the earth
Victory will in love reside
The battle’s settled
Track Name: What Else
in front of

The crowd
Screaming loud
all terms that are set
yet feebly met


What else proves Your worth

On this earth
Achieve The perfect


Live up to these goals

But now my flaws are shining through
This deficiency

Gives me no sense of meaning

Anchored in empty beliefs
That will cease
Accept your true self
As child of the One

Living through this love

And all my flaws, they fade away
This sufficiency

Gives me a life worth living
Track Name: Shofar
Awake, awake, now is eternity
Eyes locked in on endless treasures
Separating life from blackness
Behold, behold the burning sky of dawn
Piercing light appearing slowly

Giving life to shadows growing

Free the four, chained by Euphrates
Set to destroy

All life ahead

Until one third has been wiped out
Souls imbued with pride

Cursed, seeking life in the void
In vain

Blind men fulfilling ancient prophecies
“Let us worship our creations

We don’t need no God to save us!”
Despite the overwhelming agony
Holding on to pointless mourning
“Let us all ignore the warning”

The Son of man arriving on the clouds
Mountains melting down before him
Stormy seas evaporating

Too late, too late to have the endless gift
Quickly fading burst of bliss for
The eternal separation
Track Name: Peddler of Words
No more truth and no more searching for it
The end of our disagreements
How we’ll cover up the corruption

None of your problems, just my solutions
Morals replaced with indifference
In the favour of pride and comfort
Our minds

Your skin at stake
Avoid the shame

Relative conceptions of your life to justify all deeds

Do what makes you happy
Seemingly beautiful
Though deleterious
When everything is true
And nothing really is
In you abides the void

Pretext for greed
Peddler of words
Track Name: Omnia
I’ve come to know all words of wisdom
My life devoted to great deeds

Yet there’s a lust for fame
I give in
Self-righteous actions to salvation

Greater ways through this love
Nothing else transcends

When all things cease and tongues are stilled
The ways of childhood put away

For we have yet to see
Perfection truly
That which endures through all is faith, hope, love

Heeded ways of His love
Nothing else transcends
Track Name: Transcend
Holding on to what’s left to hold
When light seems lost
A glimpse of hope
Never fading away

Seeking solace in yourself
But the scar won’t heal
The infections grow
And you stand alone

Where do I go when love deprives
Anxiousness trembles at the feet of solidarity
Transcending peace will remain
Hearts restored once again
Track Name: Tree
All these leaves, they had nothing to hide
Roots are buried in dead soil

Stay with me, nothing else will keep your branch alive

Abide in me, leave all else behind
Stay with me, nothing else will keep your branch alive
Abide in me and start to grow

Soon, the scent of fresh blossoms appeared
At the altering towards life

Now, the leaves cover heavens cuisine
Darkness will prevail no more
Track Name: Rosetta
Once more I am lost in admiration
Leading me
Surrounded by sentiments of sound
Closer to your voice

Now the work of putting thoughts to words
Weight of senses falling down
Splattered out like paintings
Stirring something deep within

Astounded by mesmerising artistry
A witness of something more than this
Wanting to seek truth
Gives me the urge to reflect on life

Now the course of putting mind to work
Make a change of who I am
Grand transfiguration

Making ways for light to shine

Shining from the heavens
Glory to the King of kings

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